The tent was now very muddy with mud smears on the inner tent, I felt so silly, Why did i not check the ground before pitching?. I respectfully took the tent down , trying to say sorry to it.On the way back to Marsland Mouth a jogger came up the other way, Mentioned he was up early, started a chat about his route weaving in and out of Cornwall and Devon. I became aware he may need to start running again before stiffening up. It took time for my legs to ease into walking. The top of the cliffs was still windy and passing a couple who were jogging, I asked the gentleman if I could have some of his energy the lady said could she have some too. I was concerned that the cold wind and jogging can cause hypothermia remembering a story of my cousin, jogging with his daughter in Scotland, just stopped and wanted to lay down and sleep on the run, because he had lost his body heat., But this couple looked very happy.

The path took me on a road at Sandhole Cliff. When i looked at the map I could follow the road that was parallel to the coast to Stoke where there was a toilet. I also thought there may be a shop with a puncture repair kit for my roll mat. The route took my past Elmscott YHA which i was glad to see was still operating. In these times the small hostels can only cope with private hire of the whole hostel. Near Stoke a lady said there were not shops but i might try the camp site who has a shop.

At stoke i was glad of the toliet. Out of the wind i used this shelter to find out about coach services from Bidiford and accomodation. Outside had my cheese sandwich then decided to book the coach and accomodation. The hotel was easy but the Nathional Express server was having trouble accpting payment. I tred 5 times each time takeing 5 minutes. Inside the cubicle i could hear other users, I wondered what they thougth of the cubical being in use for so long. The campsite shop was closed. The walk back to the coast at Hearland Quay was easy after my rest. The sun was out and made a difference. At the top of the next cliff found a banch found i had a good signal and was able to book the coach. I was going home on Wednesday

The path around Heartland Point was tricky and energy draining but the view was interesting . I hoped the path change to a west would give more shelter to the wind. At 3 found a brook that was not on the map. Filled my bag with water then 10 minutes later found a corner of a field that the path went through, that was not productive. ie had long grass. I began putting the tent up again slowly trying to dry it out. A family of walked by and my first thoughts they were locals telling me to move on. They were on holiday and thought what i was doing was good. The hedge gave me remarkably good shelter for the tent. In side once i had moped it out put on dry clothes and got into the sleeping bag it was warm. I had good signal to was able to talk to Anne. With the deflated roll mat i used my extra inner bag and thin fleece. I had to take the fleece off later as too warm. Distance walked 11.7 miles pitch location SS 272 273 Total for the walk 1093 miles