Although i was warm i still did not sleep very well. My left knee gave off a dull ache. Really annoying. I took the tent down in high winds. Am aware this could stress and fracture the poles so with only the anchor pets in the fly sheet disengaged the poles from the eyelets and this flattened the tent really well allowing me to keep control of the tent in the wind. In the woods i met a walker who said the path from Westward Ho to Clovelly was slippery and sometimes steep. I already thought i would be late getting to the hotel so just before Clovelly when the path merged with a woodland track i re looked at the map. Saw the A39 paralleled the coastal path stright to Bideford. This would be a lot easier on my legs. Exiting the woodlands a poster said 'Be aware shooting in progress'

At the top of the hill at Higher Clovelly on the A39 said Bideford was 10 miles. being very damp nothing else but just get on with it. I took a break for soup and hot chocolate at Hoops Inn. They put me on a table for 4 in a very tight alcove. But it was a good hour rest for my legs. Near Abbbotsham i saw a notice to Westacott Farm camp site. This had been mentioned by other walkers. I then felt really guilty . If i had taken time and researched the location i could have continued on the coastal path and delayed my travel home to Thursday. I had really wanted to see Clovelly and Westward Ho. Next time i will bus to the camp site, do a day walk on the coastal path i missed and then full back pact around Westward Ho which is flat to Bideford and across the Torridge.

Found a McDonalds so enjoyed a Big Mac chips and Hot chocolate for £2.98, I love the vouchours. The manager was interested in my walk. In Bidiford i walked via the coach stop. Glad i did as it was on the other side of the road to that indicated by the map. Then the last mile to the hotel . The last mile always hurts.

It was a delux hotel but all i wanted was rest my legs. The room had a bath so enjoyed a restful night watching television. Distance walked on the path was 3 miles but to the hotel was 16 miles. My feet were very blisterd. It is my own fault for not taking time putting on the damp boots and smooting out the socks. I spent a lot of the eveing washing my socks and drying them with the hair dryer.