New snow had fallen over night and we were on the news. Glad I decided to stay the extra night.

Noticed the smell of my walking clothes. Really did need a launderette. After the country dance workshop, went launderette hunting. Found it hiding behind parked cars. A group of young people were in residence. Had to challenge a wrong word I thought was inappropriate. Worked out I needed to get more change. Brought a cherry bakewell slice in the bakery. But they did not have enough change. In the garage brought a coffee but again no 10p s. A customer said he had some in the car. He had to unlock the car even though his wife was inside. Told my story about locking my wife in the car and the alarm went off. Right on queue, the alarm went off. Back to the launderette, the powder machine was broken. Into Lidol for the smallest pack I could get, back to the launderette. I accidently put the wash on the cold water program. Then I ran out of 20p for the dryer, however my room radiator did the job.

I enjoyed the stay at this hotel but am looking forward to walking Tuesday.