Must have been dehydrated. Chris took me to a bar that had a happy hour. The John Smith went down fast, Chris took the beer out of reach to slow me down. Really enjoyed putting the world to right.

Ibis budget hotel rooms are compact. No kettle or radiators to dry clothes after washing.

Got up at 7 again didn't sleep well. I was so use to getting up at 5 .30, this felt irresponsible.

The Tesco Extra across the road made it convenient to stock up my 4 days of food, before buying maps and boot water proofing. Trespass out did themselves. Had exactly what I needed in a light weight tube. This was a first.

Started to write up the blog in Weatherspoons. Cheap breakfast and unlimited coffee to keep me going. However, again the cloud went offline when I published the day and had to re-type. Twice. Then Decided to use the Portsmouth library. Wish I had gone there earlier. Got lots done and ran out of time.

Met Chris at 5 and the steak was back on the Weatherspoons menu.

Having someone to drink with made this day off so much better than Eastbourne.