I lost my sleeping sock, the pair were hand made by a friend in Germany. Perfect for use at night in the tent. This made me upset. The pair ment a lot to me. Albeit I slept really well. Gentle nuclear power plant working on one side and the soft surf on the shingle the other. Found the sock under the roll mat, a good start to the day. Beautiful orange glow sun rise in a clear sky. Tent decamped easily. When packing the water bag split. This means I cannot wild camp. No water, no hydration,no food,and no warm drinks. Quite important. Also, if I could buy one local it needs to be washed with bicarbonate before use. Decided to get to a town, wi-fi, coffee, and plan.

Live fire range made me walk to Lydd, then back to the coast. The road was slippery. Then I realized, it was a hard frost.i must have camped in a sheltered spot. Behind the fence and red flag was a field of sheep. Hummmmm....

Back at the coast, looking across Camber Sands, the tide was in, but a lorry seemed to be parked in the water. Tried to photo. It did not move. From a different angle it bobbed in the waves, so must be floating. A lady agreed we were lucky with the weather, unlike the north, she said 'this is heavenly, or nearly,'

Camber Sands felt like an American goast town. Detached bungalows, not many people, and all shops closed.

Two ladies on horseback rode out of the golf course car park. Rucksacks tend to upset horses when ridden, so I tried to keep a calm course. To my surprise they called to me to help relax the horse. So had an unexpected chat while walking.

At Rye, Decided to go to a pub for coffee as more room to take off the ruck sack. Quietly on the tablet working out train options. Phoned Anne I was coming home. She said why?. This supprised me. She was trying to show support for the walk. The train journey was so easy I was looking forward to a week end at home. On leaving the pub, the rucksack effect kicked in and I found myself talking to the whole pub about my walk. I was proud I had got to Rye. Caught the 13.56 and was in doors at 16.45.cost was £27.50 open return.12.6 miles. Rye station GR TQ 918205. Walk total 173 miles.