I thought I had risk assessed every thing. In the tent, writing my diary, a helicopter got loulder and loulder. Sounded like it was hovering above me. Headlines went through my mind camper killed by landing helicopter. I was relieved when it went.

Walking at 7.20am, 7.35am, found a open public toilet. It will be a good day. Supprised how much brighter the sky was when I got out than I went in. Cafe at Lee on the Solent was really friendly. Enjoyed talking with everyone about the adventure. I now include enjoying the discovery of what is round the next corner.

Fear of walking on shingle for 4 Km was unfounded. A hard sand path just below the top tide line made good walking. Until the holiday camp. A local said the path was closed because this is where the power cable from France comes in. No compass, the camp crammed with static caravan. Had to ask the way out. 'we don't take prisoners' a resident cheerfully said. Really had to work hard to get to Warsash. A hamlet was grid locked due to a lorry too big, trying to reverse with cars too close, the whole road had to shunt backwards.

Dubious of the path next to the River Hamble, again unfounded. Solid shingle 1ft above the high tide, river on the left, lagoon on the right. And..... Blue sky!.

Had to celebrate with a coffee at Swanwick. Not sure what they put in the coffee, but I had a real spring in my step. Perhaps right break at the right time.

Rejoined the coast at Hamble Rice. Choose the path that was uneven and up and down, to be overtaken by a dog walker and terrier on the parallel road 10ft away.

Quite tired when I got to the Itchen Bridge. A student helped me using her GPS to the best way to the bridge. It is high. Lots of Samaritan notices. Had to take photos of the view at the top. I needed the breather.

Instead of a hotel, decided to go home for 4 days. I watched couples enjoying pub lunches and, l missed Anne. I realized I was nearing mental overload, experiencing so much, I was beginning not appreciating the adventure. After Southampton trains back would be more difficult. Its good to be home but am looking forward to the next leg.22 miles. Total 349 miles