Not only do I sleep well in the tent, I can get up at sunrise join the dog walkers with the rest of the world still stirring. Except the refinery at the sewage works was busy at 8am.

High tide when I passed Port Solent, made this return to the coast nice.

The coastal path round Porchester looked good on the map. Past the castle the path disappeared. Blocked with no division sign. Then I noticed how slow my compass took to settle. Then it did not make sense. It was wavering pointing south. I was stunned. This does not happen. We are taught to trust the compass. It is my support to confirm road , path direction. Had the poles switched, which happens every few thousand years, should I put the news on, will l see sat nav accidents. A non local walker tried to help. She passed by and chatted 3 times. Retaced my steps 3 times to orientate myself. Then decided to follow the road.

At the Fuller's pub in Fareham, a couple helped by using a magnet in her phone to remagnitise the compass. The gentleman also confirmed a good camp site.

Half way down Gosport, walked along the East Coast, past the sailing club marina, we had stayed before, with view of the Naval port. There was the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. Huge. Floating London.

Being February decided I could walk till 4pm then look for water, and 5pm a camp site. Found gate security barriers have water taps. Then camped near Gillkicker point SZ603976 . 21 miles. When I switched on the phone a text message from my brother Mike, his Son James and wife Amy, had a daughter at 12.04. today. A great day. Walk total 327.miles.