During my time at home I often looked forward to restarting the walk. Today I was really nervous. Arrived at Wareham Station at 1pm. Standing at the door of the carriage desperately trying to mark the map with Wareham using SW Rail WiFi and the phone rang. Just did it. At the station the rain became heavy. Excited to test the re waterproofing and new rain coat. Re waterproofing was successful, new rain coat was not. Out side, looking at the map and compass was a bit of a giveaway a lady kindly steered me away from the industrial estate.

It felt like my first day 2nd Jan, walking in rain, around the Marshes, back to the town. Just passed a huge church and cemetery, good for water taps, old stone building, passed an old wall, a huge Sainsbury's with glowing sign. This seems out of place. Why can't superstores be built in the format of the area?.

On the approch to the oil wells at Wytch farm, a dog walker asked if I needed help, he then walked with me for 45 minutes, on the best paths. The oil company had changed a lot by deforestation and tarmac. I really enjoyed the company and local advice. He had done a lot of the coastal path, but was walking in his new knees.

Time was running out, had to fill the water bag from fresh puddle water, using chlorine tablets. Took me ages to find a place to camp. Forestry commission land is not flat. Raining when I set up, a damp night,

Out side the tent at 11pm saw what I thought was a head torch, I believe I saw it move and come towards me, After 5 minutes , and getting cold, gave up waiting, nothing happened. Luckily it was dry in the morning. 10 miles, total walk 440 miles,GR SY 987 844.