With tent poles replaced, thanks to Steve's help, ruck sack more comfortable, feet healed, knees lubricated, new sleep mat, better boots, I started walking through Herne Bay at 10. Very grateful to Val and Ian for accommodation and 2 good nights. 3 of us walked to the country park. Weather was very calm, blue sky and soft lapping waves. Perfect.

Friends Richard and Lynn invited me to stay at Westgate. A shorter walk perfect for re starting. People are now attracted to the rucksack asking where I am heading for. 1st gentleman due to a leg recovering from an operation could not put boots on so could only walk the dog on the non muddy grass. A family with a special needs gentleman started talking, then the special needs gentleman woke up enthusiastic talk and laughter, I desperately tried to understand what he said but I could not. It was great to see him so happy. I met a gentleman inspecting the cliff at Epple Bay. His home for 11 years was 20m from the edge above us. No regrets living there with the changing sea view from the house.

When studying the map a gentleman explained the walks he had done SW path 3 times Wales, and other walks. 10.5miles GR Walk total 113 miles