Getting a little concerned that I sleep so well on Youth Hostel mattresses. Breakfast was enhanced by catching up on emails.

Left YHA Lands End on the wrong path only 100m but enough to be embarrassed.

Today was an experiment. Anti fog solution on my glasses and anti persperent wiped on my forehead. It worked.

On the path to Pendeen an Australian back packer stopped for a chat. He had a spreadsheet with days, route, place to stay. I could not see a map. Exchanged good places to camp and state of paths. The route to St.Ives was slow. He was right, Narrow deep paths just wide for small feet, not my size 12. Soon got fed up with looking at my feet. Chose to walk the road. I could still see the sea.

I had arranged to phone Anne at 1pm. No phone signal. 1.30, needed a rest so coffee and cake at a pub. So email Anne to say I was ok, also update the map.

Walked past a real rustic, mountain walking camp site, perfect, but no phone signal. So carried on to St. Ives.

13 miles, really tired only to find it full even for a backpacker. They phoned round and found a site. Another 2miles. I was spent. Footpath signs led me to a field with no exit, so had to climb 2 gates, I was angry and ready to argue with any land owner on climbing gates. Hellesveor campsite really welcomed me. They too were full, indeed in the remote corner was a couple backpacking also taken in. We had been overtaking each other for the past 3 miles.The owners made tea for us as we put the tents up. Indeed the site was full as had to queue for the toilet and shower.

Day 15 miles, Total 964 miles, SW504403.