Another long breakfast caused by a lot of talking. On leaving at 8 a couple of hugs.

In town I had to back track due to my compass reversing so north is shown by the south needle. I will now have to send 2 compass back for re magnetising.

Another long beach walk. Passed by a dad and buggy running a lap of the beach.

Met an Australian backpacker who had wild camped at Hollywell bay. We had so much in common.

On Penhale head was a lot of wheel rims in different angles, a sign said high voltage and non leathal ionisation. I wondered if this caused my compass problem.

Tide was low and going out so I crossed the sand on Crantock beach. Being the only one with a rucksack felt the world was waiting for me to sink. River Gannel was too deep. Watched swimmers walking to guage the depth,then just about to take off my boots the bridge appeared. Then steep long steps to the cliff top, but there was the café, perfect.

I think I passed my 1000 mile at Fistral Beach, so celebrated with the power bar that Joyce gave me. Got to Porth Beach camp site at 2pm. I had done enough for the day. When putting up the tent, a neighbor offered me a coffee, good excuse for a chat. He came from Crewe.

Day 13 miles, total now 1006, SW 833629.