Many thanks to Richard and Lynn for making me feel so welcome, great company and conversation.

Found I had misplaced my phone cable. It will run out of charge . At the electrical shop, it is obsolete. On the way to Margate the ruck sack had the effect of encouraging people to ask where I was heading to, then talk about the coastal walk.

At Margate, asked a pedestrian where a maplin or carphone Wearhouse was. He said they moved and I will have to bus some where. With in 100m there was a carphone Wearhouse. They said the connection was obsolete. So I had to buy a new phone. Their computer was down so had to pay cash. On Monday found the connection was sold in the petrol station and in ASDA the phone was only£5 not £25 I paid.

Followed the coastal path to Ramsgate, needed to rest in the Churchill for coffee. A local very interested in the ruck sack and project. Now thinking of taking the ruck sack to my local as always get a conversation. Uploaded my position. It was 1.30pm. worked out I could get to Sandwich.

The coastal path went off road to the river in several places. Pleased that I was as near to the water as I could. However, I became pushed for time. Walking fast made my feet hot. Not good. Got to the bridge, after passing the impressive research park, moored boats, equal water tap. All I needed was a place to camp. Monk walk for 1K, it was getting dark, I found a perfect spot. Sorting out the tent, a walker passed by, then heard two lould gun shots. On her return the walker said it was the bird scarer, not twilight hunters. Even later and darker a group of younger people walked past. To late to move I resigned that everyone knew I was camping. Day 17 miles. GR TR 339581. Walking total 130.