Got walking at 7.20am to get out of the way of early dog walkers. At the golf course walked with a local to the coast. She had lived there for 30 years when she married. Husband is a golfer, locals can use the course before 8. This explained the 2 teeing off at dawn. The course amazed me, tees on mounds in the middle of the path, and how greens were constructed.

The weather was perfect. Cool, blue sky, I soon had to take off my water proofs.

A large flock of birds flew effortlessly, single file 2 feet above the water. This could be another David Attenborough program. Phoned Anne at 9, to say that due to the weather forecast for Monday, it would be cheaper to go home instead of local accommodation.

Deal sea front is one long line of memorial benches. No toilets were open. Obviously I was not expected. An interested dog walker warned me about the climb before Dover. The fear was worse than the actual climb. On top used a bench to cool my feet. This project is taking out more than I expected. Got fed up with signs suddenly leaving walkers to guess. Met a local who taught at Welling School in 1992. He lasted one term. A group of ladies spoke about cycling round the coast, we shared lots of Youth Hostel stories. Really enjoyed watching the port in action from so high up. The tannoy reminded me of Thunderbirds . In Dover uploaded my position at the Weatherspoons. With rail card it only cost £25 open off peak return to get home. 14.5 miles. Walking total 144.5