Worrid about getting home, listen to the radio from 5, out the tent at 7, packed the ruck sack at 7.20 in enough light, so the head torch could be turned off. The path was much easier. Got to Boscastle Church at 8.30. 2 workmen told me Bude was the best place to get travel home. A dog walker said to go to the other end of the village, he was walking that way so we walk and talked for 20 minutes.I really enjoyed his company.

In town at 9, bus was 9.30. Called Anne who found out there was no National Express connection at Buds. I had to get to Wadebridge. The bus got there at 10.36, but the National Express coach left at 10. 20 then 20. 30. I called a taxi. He could not pick me up till 9.50. But he would get me there by 10.20. We broke every speed limit, the biggest white knuckle ride of my life. Arrived at 10.19. I was on the coach home at 10.22 2 miles walked total for the walk 1063