Slept really well with the sound of the surf and river. Walking at 8.30. Looking forward to Tintegel. Took 15 minutes to get to the top of the first hill out of the valley. Phoned Anne. The many steep hills eventually gave way to more level paths, after one decent of 200 steps. My legs were heavy. Delighted to see the Tintegel Youth Hostel from a distance, many good memories when we stayed there. It was closed till March. In town brought a map, really enjoyed a pastie and cake in the bakery. Left at 2, determined to find a place to Camp high out of sight. Got water at 3 Then found a place, a bit gorse, on my 3rd time. But I really did not care. That night found I had only covered 7 miles against.The new map showed I could not get home easily after Boscastle. SX 073 903 near Rockey Valley Total miles for the walk 1062