Up and ready to go by 8.30 when breakfast was served. My room number was on a table in the bay window. I really enjoyed the breakfast, talking to Anne on the phone before Andrew Marr and looking at the blue sky after the heavy downpour. Left the hotel at 9.10 to the remarks from the checkout that there was a room left for tonight if the weather got bad. Outside was a beautiful rainbow, The path took me above the tidal pool with swimmers, some in wet suits and some not. Had to take a photo for Joanne. After 3 miles in an hour of gentle walking I hit the hills. Although, I have mentioned I do not like steep steps down, worse are slippery muddy slopes down. Fear of slipping over with a rucksack and not being able to bounce, i was taking pigeon steps. I eventually caught up with a walker who also noticed the storm comming in and put on his water proofs. A little further on the squall hit and i found a small pit to lie down in a bit of shelter, ruck sack over my legs, enjoyed a chocolate bar before moving on. My ruck sack acted like a sail. In the Lake district when this had happened before, my roll mat outside my rucksack forced me to crawl. I was glad i had the inflatable type inside my rucksack. A little further on while i was rearranging the rain cover and my hood, 2 people from the hotel passed me. Asked how long to walk back to the hotel , 2 hours, and they thought the rain cover was a good idea when they saw me leave the hotel.

A little further on I passed the huge radio dishes array, There were no signs it was military on the fence or on the map. But these structures were huge. I later met up with the walker. He had slipped over 3 times and was also upset to see human facees in the middle of the path. Something i do not remember seeing. He had just finished his lunch and was going off path back home. Walking was becomming slower so decided to stop for a drink at the next stream. I found i was looking at the sea thinking about drinking so must have been dehydrated. Comming down Henna Cliff found a group of 3 struggling as one had slipped over. I helped them avoid the barbed wire. When i had to go down that slope i named it the worst path so far. I had to avoid it and walk through bramble, or turn around and control slip down. A walker comming up said she had walked 10 miles and was slipping trying to climb this path.

The intended pitch site was Marsland Mouth which is on the boarder of Devon and Cornwall. Phoned Anne before going down into the valley knowing i would not have a signel at the pitch site. At Marsland Mouth , found a good bit of ground, collected my bag of water. While doing so under the bridge a group of teenagers thought it funny to jump up and down as they crossed. They did not notice me. I was very tempted to shout out. i was nearly putting up the tent in a gale. Decide it was a bad idea. Then found i had left the map at the water side. It was still there. Decided to follow the valley path to find a shelterd spot. At first i carred the water. Then decided there was a river in the woods near Marsland Manor so must be a spot there.When i got there the only spot was infront of a gate. Brambles that caught the tent. When i went insde i found a branch had punctured the ground mat and my inflatable roll mat. After what the tent had done for me on that windy pitch i had now damaged it. I was quite upset with myself. However, the night was shelterd but very muddy and damp.Distance walked 8 miles Pitch site SS216 166 Total miles for the porject 1082