I was a bit nervous about what do I do today. However, slowly waking up in a nice warm bed, listening to the radio on the problems out side.

Tried to go to the local URC, heavy, heavy snow. I found the road, the church was closed.

Chose to sit in the large lounge as my room was cold. This hotel is full of character. I expect to see Miss Marple to tell us who done it. I was joined by a music teacher writing a music score. Then on queue of my hunger clock, the dinning group ask if we wanted the chips they had over ordered. Easy leading to introductions, they were here on a country dance program.

In search of better WiFi, went to the Swan Inn. Served when half way through the door. Gradually the pub emptied as dinners finished. Bar staff offered a portion of roast potatoes, again I was ready for the food. My lucky day 2 offers of free food. Again a conversation started about everything. The couple were interested in the walk with similar ambition. The gentleman had come out of piloting for Easy Jet to be an artist making a career out of selling paintings. Lovely couple. Who I hope to meet again

Back at the hotel I took advantage of joining the country dance group. A really friendly group with the patience of saints with my left feet. I had a great time. This is what this adventure is all about.

Knowing that I had to stay another night, I decided to join them.