Got walking thinking about the runners in the London Marathon in the heat. Here it was foggy.

Pavlov was right, I like to phone Anne at 9 in the morning to confirm all is ok, in a coffee shop. Today I was too remote. When we finished I was really hungry.

It did not clear untill I got to Noss Mayo so made use of my music collection. Noss Mayo is another picturesque inlet village.

I was feeling tired from Saturday, but knowing why helped. A pub lunch helped, I got out as they were getting busy. I appreciated the fast service, then when I looked in the mirror I could see why they didn't want me to linger.

Found the campsite at Brixton. Reception is a caravan with an outside pool table. Staff look like rough necks. But are really friendly. Showers in the shed are power showers. Plug sockets are in the laundry. And I have free WiFi in my tent.14 miles, walk total 704, GR SX 548518.