Slept well. The tent was level so less sliding about off the sleeping mat. While trying to work out what the Bible was saying to me........ snap. Hoping it was a tension strap unclipping. No, it was a pole break. Unusual it was not very windy. Wonderfully, after the rain the tent was dry when I took it down. Wet tent is so much heavier to carry and damp when put up again.

The 1km to Calshot was a good path to the corner where the Solent meet the channel. Ships were passing, but where could I find shelter to mend the pole? Sitting on the public toilet it came to me. Public toilets also make good tent repair work shop. 30 minutes pole mended, proud of myself.

Very warm when I got to Exbury so took off the water proofs. 2 miles later threw them back on due to a hail storm...uhhhhh. First cafe in Beaulieu was fair game.

Got to Lymington at 4pm, this is now the time to get water, the pub had an outdoor equipment sales, but I didn't need anything. Noted the temperature was going to fall to. -2C . Should be OK. Found a perfect pitch on soft marsh grass. Pole worked well. 21 miles, walk total 386, GR SZ 332942..