The adventure has restarted. A day delay to have with a Graham from Corfu. Great catch up and good beer. Decided to get the train. Day before the price of the coach ticket went up 18 to 28 pounds. Walk started at Topsham at 2.15. friend Tony Ross said Topsham was good. I saw it I inside out and from across the River Ex 4.5 miles later. Again it felt strange walking under motorways this time M 5.

Wrong socks ment hotspots which I did not want to turn to blisters. No one battered an eye lid seeing me change the socks.

At 5 getting close to Dawlish Warren decided to camp on the open ground on my map. Found it to be a theme park and it was school holidays. Muscles complained about the next choice to walk on to Holcombe. Got water from a house with an outside tap. I did knock but no one was in. Felt guilty for stealing 4litres but I was quite desperate. Pay back was walking 3 miles with the extra weight.all paths were fenced. Knocked on a b and b one look at me and the price was 85 pounds, said no, it was 15 minutes to sunset, then small path, open space,tent went up behind wrapped hay bales. 50 metres from 3 bouses. Time entering the tent was 8pm. GR SX 947737. Day 14 miles, walk total 577.