From my camp saw a large ship in the bay thought could it be the cruise liner bringing home my brother and his wife from their cruise.

Grey day, real contrast to Sunday. Started at 7.30,at 9 I was desperate to let Anne know I was OK. The coastal path was good walkable not too steep, but no signal. At 10, short cut to the carpark. Eventually, a signal, but only in a small area. Very tired as climbing hills go test the signal. So overdue for my first coffee.

Got to Kingswear at 12, agreed with Anne for a short day and book a campsite. Got tent sorted at 2 , showered an in the pub by 3. Great for blog catch up.

Pub really friendly. Welcome by a local this introduced the other customers and staff.

Day walk 14 miles, walk total 613, GR SX 884558.

Just got a weather warning for flooding overnight.