I called Anne early. No problem.

I love this camp site. Just when I was leaving, I saw Nick to apologise for declining the offer of a beer, he and his wife Lesley then invited me for a cup of tea. We spoke for an hour. I left for the walk at 10. A joy to leave my back pack at the camp.

As soon as I was on the coast path I met back packers in the other direction. A couple from Holland who started at Bude. A New Zealand man who heard about the walk from a friend. A retired gentleman whose pack weight was half mine.

At St Anthony Head, a bird photographer showed me the Fulmar nest with 3 chicks. Great chat about local wildlife and photography. On 100m and I found the war time army battery. Amazing fortress. Following on the path was the photographer who career was civil engineering. Another discussion on building structures. Then another tea with Nick and Lesley when I got back.

Tomorrow will be 18 miles roads to Truro and out with ruck sack.

7 miles, total now 835. SW 875348 same camp site.