Still tried to send the texts, decided it was not the weak signal. Left at 7.45. had slept really well. It was catching up on me.

Felt stupid when I found I had climbed a steep hill was the wrong road. Had to short cut on a foot path back to the coastal path.

Bream Cove was deserted, sun drenched, and warm with a phone signal.A great place to phone Anne. During our chat I was assaulted by a cold nose of a small greyhound, in my ear.

Found a pub in Constantine. Inside were 2 men who had passed me. They were ex long hair hippies looking for old haunts where they had their first holidays with girl friends. They too are in touch with school friends and like my type of music.

When they left I spent an hour sorting out emails in lieu of text.

The next high point with a good phone signal I called the technical dept. He gave me the message center number. But I could not find the + on my keypad. I even cleaned the SIM card with meths.

At the camp site, on top of a hill, the view was spectacular. Called The technical dept again, I had to hold down the 0 button. It worked..., I had text again.

It was very windy, the trees were noisy. So sleep was interrupted.

13 miles, total 878, Halanoweth Fm. SW. 250720.